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Best Friend Forever komt pas in juni uit

Een latere releasedatum dan gepland

Een latere releasedatum dan gepland

De datingsim, Best Friend Forever, waarin je naast schattige viervoeters ook nog schattige tweevoeters kunt vinden heeft zijn releasedatum uitgesteld naar juni. De origineel geplande releasedatum was 14 mei, deze is doorgeschoven naar 18 juni 2020. De reden van het later uitkomen van het spel, is iets waar we in deze tijd niet van zullen opkijken: het corona virus. Het officiele bericht van het Starcolt Team, de makers van het spel, vindt je hieronder:

This has been a very difficult time for everyone, and unsurprisingly as the world is in upheaval, so was our development of Best Friend Forever. Back in March, we protected our staff and those around us by shifting to working from home a week before New Zealand went into lockdown, determined to carry on and meet our release date of May 14.

We’re very sorry to let you know that circumstances beyond our control mean we’re just not able to get this game out on the date we wanted — but it’s not delayed by very long! We are shifting our release date to June 18, 2020.

It’s been a really difficult decision for the team, but in order to make sure we can get all of our t’s crossed and i’s dotted, we think it’s the right one and we hope you’ll bear with us.

Shipping during a pandemic was never going to be easy, and we simply couldn’t have predicted what a global impact this was going to have, not to mention the impact on our psyches and home lives as we all worked from home. We want to thank you for all your support and encouragement you’ve given us so far, and ask you to stick with us a little longer as we get these good pups out the door, awaiting your virtual adoption.

Feel free to comment with any questions and we’ll get back to you — but for now, stay strong, hang in there, and we’ll do our part by delivering the best dog-care and dating-sim hybrid the world has ever seen. Mostly because we’re fairly certain it’s the only one. But it’s also good.

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