Maker van Deltarune deelt meer informatie

Hoofdstuk 1 komt binnenkort naar de Switch, maar hoe zit het met de rest van het spel?

Nintendo bracht deze week een interview uit met Toby Fox, de maker van het bekende spel Undertale en Deltarune. In dit interview praat hij vooral over zijn meest recente project, Deltarune, en geeft hij meer inzicht over zowel de toekomst van het spel als de verschillend keuzes die hij heeft gemaakt bij het maken van het eerste hoofdstuk. In dit interview zitten wel enkele spoilers voor het eerste hoofdstuk van Deltarune, dus als je deze nog niet gespeeld hebt, wees gewaarschuwd!

Benieuwd naar het interview met Toby Fox? Lees het hieronder!:

How did you feel about the response to the unveiling of the PC version of Deltarune?
Toby Fox: It was good, but most importantly I don’t have to avoid talking about what I’m working on anymore. Freedom!! Freedom USA, baby!! (Howls at the moon alongside Mario as the national anthem plays)

How long has the idea for Deltarune been kicking around in your head?
Fox: In 2011, when I was away at school, I got very sick. I ended up having a terrible fever and couldn’t get any medicine for it, and while I was sleeping I had a vivid dream about the ending to a game. Since then… I felt like I had to make the game with that ending. I attempted to make that game in 2012 using character designs by an artist I really like called Kanotynes. However, I stopped making it even before I made a single room of the game.
That game… I ended up repurposing a few of the songs from it for Undertale. For example, “Heartache” was originally called “Joker Battle” and “Bonetrousle” was originally the main battle theme. Then I decided around when I did the Kickstarter to Undertale (2013) that if I ever completed Undertale, my next game would be a mix of Undertale and that concept.

I have to make what I saw in my dream. I don’t even know if it’s particularly good, but I have to do it…

Where did the ideas for the three protagonists in Deltarune come from?
Fox: I feel like Kris and Ralsei have fairly obvious origins. As for Susie, I originally designed her right after I had played Phoenix Wright for the first time. At first, she was essentially like Maya Fey, and would serve as your small, friendly, sassy companion. There really wasn’t any tension at all, she was just nice and cute.
But… as I wrote more and more, she eventually transformed into something totally different from Maya. Now she’s more like the tough guy getting framed for a crime or something. Then Kris points out at the courtroom and it goes “Objection!!” and hearts come out of their finger. Then they’re disbarred due to flirting with the witness…

We’d love to hear about any ideas you have for types of magic you’re looking forward to working in, or about any kinds of magic that you’ve decided to leave on the cutting room floor.
Fox: I was going to give a certain character a fire spell, but decided against it for the first chapter. As for what I’m looking forward to… well, it’s hard to describe this without spoiling anything, but a certain character will learn a certain type of spell that they aren’t really good at. Actually, they’re so bad at it there’s essentially no reason to have them use it at first. But the fact that they learned it and keep practicing it is really heartwarming.

Any projected release window for Deltarune Chapter 2 and beyond? Also, how far along is development?
Fox: I’ve been writing a lot of dialogue and composing a lot of music recently. But programming is still at 0% and I don’t have a team, so actual development is still at 0%. You know how when your internet is super slow, it’ll give you an estimate like “20 years…” for how long it’ll take to download a file? It’s like that.

In closing, do you have anything you’d like to say to all the people out there who will be checking out the Nintendo Switch version of Deltarune?
Fox: Thank you so much for checking out the game. I really hope you give it a shot. If you’re familiar with Undertale I mean. If you aren’t, then I don’t even really know why you’re reading this right now. Is this what you do for fun!? … Guess I can respect that.

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  • 17/02/2019 om 21:53

    Ik zie dat DN naar rood geswitched is, maar ik mort toch wel zeggen dat het niet echt comfortabel is om zo een interview te lezen met een knalrode achtergrond.

  • 17/02/2019 om 22:07

    Dit is heel interessant. Ik dacht dat met de Switch port Toby duidelijk wilde maken dat de ontwikkeling van de andere hoofdstukken goed verliep. Waarom zou hij anders beginnen porten naar andere platforms? Om nog meer mensen te laten wachten?

    Mijn redenering was dus verkeerd. Best jammer.

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