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Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi praat over Super Mario Odyssey en wat de toekomst brengt

Komt er een vervolg?

Komt er een vervolg?

Super Mario Odyssey komt 27 oktober uit voor de Switch, dus je kunt al vrij snel aan de slag met het nieuwe avontuur van de beroemde loodgieter. Terwijl er hard wordt gewerkt om de puntjes op de i te zetten, heeft producer Yoshiaki Koizumi in een interview met The Verge over de game gesproken. Zo liet hij onder andere weten waaraan gedacht moest worden bij het ontwikkelen van het spel.

Hieronder zijn de meest belangrijke fragmenten uit het interview te lezen. De link naar het volledige interview is onderaan dit artikel te vinden.

The 3D Super Mario series has a very strong reputation and the games don’t come out so often — there’s only one or two on every system. Since the expectation for their quality is always so high, is there any pressure when deciding on the concept for each game?

I would say that rather than feeling pressure externally, the pressure we feel is the pressure we put ourselves under to make the best game possible — that’s something that we always have in mind while creating the games. As an example of that, creating the game at 60 frames per second is something where we held ourselves to a very high standard with this game.

The 3D Super Mario games are often seen as good examples of how Nintendo uses its own unique hardware, going back to Super Mario 64. Was there anything about the Switch that you particularly wanted to make use of for Super Mario Odyssey?

Most of the 3D Mario projects I’ve worked on in the past were titles for home consoles, and for me it was always a dream to be able to take that kind of gameplay experience out of the house. So one of the big considerations when creating Super Mario Odyssey was that idea of being able to make a home console 3D Mario that could also be taken and played on the go. Another big feature of the Switch is that it comes with two controllers attached, and so creating a Mario game that could be played using one of those controllers in each hand and incorporating motion control functionality was another key consideration. And the third consideration was making a game that makes use of the HD rumble feature.

One of the Switch’s more unique features is the ability to play multiplayer games anywhere. Can you talk a little about how this works in Super Mario Odyssey?

The multiplayer co-op functionality was something we were thinking about right from the start of development because the Nintendo Switch has two Joy-Con. As I mentioned earlier you can play single-player using both Joy-Con, one in either hand, But by handing a Joy-Con to a friend you can also play cooperatively, and in that mode one player would control Mario and one player would control Cappy. And so yeah, the anytime, anywhere, with anyone element of the Nintendo Switch is very much present in Super Mario Odyssey.

Finally, Super Mario Odyssey is coming out pretty early in the Switch’s lifecycle. Normally there’s only one 3D Mario game per system, and Super Mario Galaxy was the only one to get a direct sequel. What are the chances of another game for the Switch — would you rather iterate on this idea, or would you want to do something completely new?

I’m obviously considering lots of things for the future. In terms of Super Mario Odyssey and whether there would be a sequel, the first game hasn’t even come out yet so it’s very tough to say at this stage whether there would be a sequel or not. I’m first and foremost just hoping that Super Mario Odyssey is a success. And secondly, yeah, with the Nintendo Switch lifecycle again it’s very early — who knows how things will turn out? As you say, in the past maybe there’s been one 3D title per hardware generation on average, but I wouldn’t say that that’s a hard-and-fast rule that would have to be adhered to.

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