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“De Gameboy SP had Sleep Mode moeten hebben”

Iwata had graag gezien dat de GBA Advance SP een Sleep Mode had gekregen, toen deze nog in ontwikkeling was.

Op het moment hebben we er nog relatief weinig aan om een Sleep Mode in onze GBA SP in te laten bouwen, toch maakt Iwata bekend dat hij graag een Sleep Mode functie in de GBA SP had gezien, toen deze nog in ontwikkeling was. Nu is de Nintendo DS de eerste handheld die met deze functionaliteit op de markt werd gebracht.

Het volgende zei Iwata hierover.

“The GBA SP was also a clam-shell design, so I pretty adamantly demanded of the hardware team that it went into sleep mode when it was closed. ‘This feature is absolutely essential!’ I said,” explained Iwata.

“However, at that time, they told me that as it would take re-working the chip so it could be turned on and off it would take a year to do it, so I had to reluctantly withdraw my request. Nevertheless, I did tell them that they had to make sure the next system they designed would be able to go into sleep mode.”